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This pin is for all ALL mamas breastfeeding journeys. Ones that lasted 3 minutes and were given a damn good go, through to journeys that carried on for 3 years and beyond. Mamas who have put in hours of research, who have overcome headaches & heartaches. Mamas who have had mastectomies or medication and so badly wanted to breastfeed. Mamas who are yet to meet their babies and want an incentive to reach their breastfeeding goals. Mamas who breastfed their babies 20years ago and still remember those early hazy newborn feeds.

We know that not all mamas are able to breastfeed and want you to know that the intention, preparation, and willingness to breastfeed are 100% worthy of celebrating and should not be considered a failure. Each teaspoon of breastmilk contains MILLIONS of germ fighting cells, and by offering your baby some of that goodness you have done a great job!

This pin has no official criteria and is for all mamas who want to celebrate their feeding journey.

Our keepsake pins give you something to wear proudly, to help you achieve your goals, to acknowledge your hardship, or to simply to act as a memory, tucked away with your other baby keepsakes to treasure. View the collection here or grab yourself a matching bead to celebrate your achievements.

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