Blessing Bead


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A beautiful & meaningful way to carry a little blessing with you throughout your day.

This collection features five styles that are perfect for representing your Rainbow Baby or Little Angel. Not only are our beads a beautiful accessory & reminder of your little love, but they also carry a powerful message of hope and resilience to acknowledge your journey and tell a story.

No inclusions are required for this keepsake, and each bead is individually handcrafted with love from high quality resin and solid sterling silver cores. These beads fit on all European style bracelets, making them a versatile addition to your jewellery collection.

Available in 5 different styles:

Rainbow Lines
A sweet & simple design that will hold many different meanings for many people, but is about what it means to YOU.
Used as a symbol to represent your Rainbow Baby after a loss and the journey along the way, to remind you of a loved person or pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge, or even to celebrate your Pride journey & belonging in the rainbow community.

Love Lines
A special representation of a positive pregnancy test, designed for you to celebrate a new pregnancy or remember a past one.
Created with pink & blue stripes to represent the 2 most common pregnancy test colours, traditional boy & girl colours & official baby loss colours. Sometimes the only thing you have to remind you of your baby is a positive pregnancy test, and now you can hold that memory in a little treasure to keep close.

“Butterflies hover & feathers appear, whenever lost loved ones or angels are near”  Remember a loved one & hold their memory close to you with this keepsake, without requiring inclusions.

Angel Baby
For the Mamas of Angel Babies, to hold your precious memories and connect you together with a tangible treasure to keep by your side.

Angel Mama
A special reminder that you are strong. Although being a Mama of Angels is a heartbreaking journey, it is one that you will never walk alone with your sweet Angel beside you, represented with this little keepsake.

These beads have a crafting time of 2-4 weeks & are individually handcrafted with love, just for you.


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