Can't Get 10mls?

Not enough milk for crafting? 🍼💦
Here's our top tips for Mamas who've already weaned, struggle to get enough milk or don’t breastfeed. ✨ Spoiler Alert ✨ There's still a way we can craft a milk keepsake for you! 🙌🏼

👉🏼 Can’t get 10mls? Send us less!
We generally craft with 5mls of milk but in some cases we can use a minimum of 2.5mls of your liquid gold.

🤔 Why do we ask for more then? Accidents happen and leaks can be common during transit. By providing us with 10mls to craft with, it gives us plenty to work with to create your precious keepsake. When sending less than this amount, we ask you triple bag your milk to keep it super safe while it is on its way to us.

👉🏼 2.5ml still a stretch but you can manage a couple of drops? Don't worry Mama- we hear this ALL the time. 💕 For you we can create an essence of your milk, mixed with a drop or two of water to bring us to the 2.5ml mark. This will still go through the exact same process as our full milk beads, with preserving, dehydrating & grinding to powder. A great option for Mamas who have recently weaned, or mamas-to-be who are collecting colostrum. 💫

👉🏼 Did you finish your breastfeeding journey aaages ago and just ✨wish✨ we were around then?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Us too mamas. BUT we’re here now and can create a very special faux milk keepsake for you. 🤩

🤔 How does it work? -We skip all the milk preservation stages and get straight into crafting. By using our special synthetic 'faux milk' mixture to give the same colour, texture & look as our milky beads, it still holds all of the same sentimental meanings without incorporating any real milk. You can still choose to include your favourite colours & flecks, just leave us a note at checkout if you would like to use the faux milk option to represent your feeding journey.

👉🏼 AND to all of our beautiful bottle fed babes- don’t forget we craft with formula & alternative milk too! All we need is a little teaspoon of dried formula to create your own special milky bead. 💕

We got you Mama. 🙌🏼
We’re here to represent ALL of your feeding journeys, regardless of your methods or milestones and are right here to celebrate & support alongside you. 🥰😘
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