The Spilt Milk Co. transforms precious inclusions such as breastmilk, formula, hair, pet fur, ashes, sand, fabric, a first tooth (& more!) into sentimental keepsakes you can wear with love.

We help Mamas celebrate ALL breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tube feeding, & pumping journeys- whether they lasted a day, a month, a year, or beyond.

We handcraft your child’s first curl into a piece of jewellery to be worn and appreciated, instead of tucking it away in a box at the back of the wardrobe. We capture the memories associated with a loved person, pet or place by incorporating ashes and other various elements into your keepsake to create a memory you can hold.

Meet the Maker

All keepsakes are handcrafted with love by Ashley - the founder, crafter, designer, and Mama behind The Spilt Milk Co. 

After breastfeeding her own three children for 5 years collectively, Ashley knew she wanted something special to represent this precious time spent nurturing her babies and also reward herself for all the struggles, sleepless nights, and heartache that comes long with breastfeeding. She now has a tangible memory to represent what her journey meant to her, and wants to provide the same comfort and reward to all other mamas who want to remember and celebrate their own journeys.

And so, in 2018 The Spilt Milk Co. was born.

Ashley creates all precious keepsakes herself while balancing biz life & mum life, raising her three young girls alongside running The Spilt Milk Co. in Pāpāmoa, New Zealand.