Preparing your inclusions

How do I send my inclusions?

Breast milk or other liquid inclusions must be sealed tightly in a breastmilk storage bag and then double or triple bagged to prevent spillage. Please defrost before sending frozen milk as to avoid condensation in the post. Breastmilk can be warm for crafting and doesn’t need to meet usual food standards, so don’t worry if it takes a few days in the post. If you don’t have any packaging supplies, you can purchase one of our Starter Kits which have everything you need to pack & send your breastmilk.

Hair or fur needs to be in a clean, labeled bag or envelope (seperate to breastmilk if sending together). If you only have a small amount of hair, please wrap in paper or tinfoil before sealing in a plastic bag to avoid static cling.

Having your inclusions couriered to us with tracking and signature is the most secure way to send your precious inclusions. All parcels can be couriered to our PO Box in Papamoa, New Zealand. We do not accept home deliveries or pickups. 

LastlyPlease do not send the last of your inclusion, always keep some safe at home just in case. We would hate for your precious inclusions to get lost in the post!

How much of each inclusion do I need?

Breastmilk: 10mls of fresh or thawed breastmilk, sealed in a clean breastmilk storage bag. Please do NOT send frozen milk as this can cause leakage in the post. (One sample will create up to half a dozen keepsakes.)

Formula/Alternative Milk: 1 teaspoon of powdered milk in a tightly sealed bag, or for liquid milk, follow the instructions for breastmilk above.

Hair: A lock of hair up to 3cm long (crafting with less is possible & will create a finer look).

Cremation Ashes: 1/2 a teaspoon in one of our provided collection pots, or triple bagged in a clean ziplock bag. (One sample will create up to half a dozen keepsakes.)

Fur: A small tuft of clean fur, a whisker, or few strands of course hair.

Dried Flowers: One petal or leaf from each floral element you’d like included. Must be completely dried for a minimum of 4 weeks before crafting.

Encapsulated Placenta: One capsule, professionally preserved. Please contact us for further instructions if you wish to use home dried cord/placenta.

Sand/Soil: One teaspoon, sealed in a snaplock bag, or envelope.

First tooth: One tooth, cleaned, & dried.

Where do I send my inclusions?

After placing your order online, send your inclusions to us at:

The Spilt Milk Co.
PO Box 11297,
Palm Beach,
Pāpāmoa. 3151.
New Zealand.

Please make sure you include your full name and order number when mailing your precious inclusions.

Extra Info

How do I place an order?

Head on over to the shop tab and pick which piece(s) of jewellery you would like handcrafted. Select your chosen inclusions & colours and add it to your cart. Once checking out your order will be submitted and you will be emailed detailed instructions about how & where to send your inclusions. If you have specific custom requests, visit the contact page to get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

How long will my order take?

Our current wait time for handcrafted jewellery is up to 8 weeks from the day we receive your inclusions. 9ct gold items are all made to order and may have an extended crafting period depending on the current workload. Please feel free to contact us any time for an accurate timeframe. We are always aiming to reduce this wait time as much as possible so you can enjoy your new keepsakes sooner! 

All orders containing premade products & vouchers that are not purchased with a custom made keepsake will be sent within 48 hours of being placed.

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Can I use old frozen breastmilk?

Yes Absolutely!

We can craft with milk from all different stages:
Freshly pumped milk,
Frozen milk,
Left over milk from a bottle, 
‘Expired’ frozen milk no longer suitable for feeding to baby.

As the breastmilk is not consumed & only used as a craft medium, it does not need to meet typical food safety standards. So as long as it’s in good condition (not mouldy or ‘off’) then we’re good to go!

Please defrost all milk before sending to avoid leaking in the post.

Do you craft with cremation ashes?

Yes we do! All we need is 1/2 a teaspoon to incorporate into your keepsake. Any unused cremation ash will be sent home with your order.

If you don't have access to cremation ashes, we can also craft with:

Sand or soil from a special place,
paper or handwriting, fabric from a precious garment, dried flowers & leaves from a sentimental bouquet or memorial plant, hair, fingernails, eyelashes, fur, whiskers & artificial hair or teddy bear ‘fur’.

Each of these inclusions can be used to help tell a story or hold a special memory of a loved one.

We’re here to help every step of the way.

We understand it can be difficult to part with such precious inclusions and you may have further questions or custom requests. Please feel free to reach out any time via our contact form.