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Delilah Ring - Mama

Delilah Ring - Mama

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Introducing the Delilah Mama Ring. The sweetest heart shaped ring, perfect for holding your treasured memories close.
Include DNA elements such as breastmilk, cremation ashes, strands of hair, baby’s cord, or your beloved pet’s fur to truely capture all your precious moments, memories & milestones. This Delilah Ring is available in sterling silver & 9ct gold, and in two sizes, this one is the slightly larger Mama style, the smaller Delilah Mini is available here.

To ensure your Delilah Mama Ring is as special as the memories it represents, each one is custom-made in your desired size. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a complimentary ring sizer and starter kit, including all you need to carefully package your precious inclusions, select any additional colors or flecks, and a secure courier bag to send it back to us for crafting.

Please keep in mind that each ring is handcrafted, so allow for an 8-week turnaround time for us to create this precious keepsake for you.

Order your very own Delilah Ring and carry your most cherished memories with you, always.

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